Czech Federation of Mancala Games

Czech Open Pardubice

Festival website here

International Festival of Chess and Games Czech Open is held every year in July for 17 days. Usually starts on Thursday. It has two parts, in the first part, there are many different games, in the second, there are chess only.

Information about program is available aproximately from April. Complete program for mankala games can be found in Mankala section on festival website. We kindly ask all participants of any mancala tournament to fill in the on-line form, preferably by 15 June to get discount on starting fee. As tournament you can write just Mancala, as this form is for main organizers to recognize Chess, Mancala, Go and other game players.

After arrival to Pardibuce you should go to winter stadium. Bus and train station are close and you can walk about 20 minutes or go by bus (3, 10, 16, ...) 3 or 4 stops. If you enter inside, on the right side you find 5 tables of registration. Pick up your name card at table 1, fill in requested info, then go to table 3 (2 is for chess players only) and get your accomodation. Table 4 calculates your cost (accomodation and starting fee) and table 5 collect money. You can pay in CZK or in EUR. Then you can go to play.

Most players stay in University hostel. It is 15 minutes walk or 2 stops by bus. Internet is available and there is kitchen and bathroom at each floor. Players interested in better hotels can choose the best option on festival website.

Expected program of mancala part

Den 9:30-12:30 13:30-15:30 16-18 18:30-20:30
Čtvrtek 12.7. Registrace Toguz 45, Mangala 30 Bestemshe Bestemshe
Pátek 13.7. Toguz 45, Mangala 30 Oware 20 Oware 20 Oware 20, Toguz computers
Sobota 14.7. Toguz 45, Mangala 30 Toguz 20 Toguz 20 Toguz 20, Toguz computers
Neděle 15.7. Toguz 45, Mangala 30 Mangala 20 Mangala 20 Mangala 20
Pondělí 16.7. Toguz Junior Toguz Junior Bohnenspiele Bohnenspiele
Úterý 17.7. Toguz 7 Masters/ExpertsMasters/ExpertsMasters/Experts
Středa 18.7. Toguz 45, Mangala 30 Toguz 45, Mangala 30 BaoBao
Čtvrtek 19.7. Toguz 45, Mangala 30Masters/ExpertsCeremonyDepartures

Numbers means time for one player and one round. Bestemshe will start about 5pm.